8+ Cell Spy App Features

8+ Cell Spy App Features

Do you know what the core aspect of a phone spying app is? It is the spying functions. Without spying operations, a spying app is of no use. The best spying app provides multiple spying functions. In this growing competition, the range of functions makes the spying app stand out from others.

Users always choose the app, which provides them with multiple functions at an affordable price. While some feature is essential, some are advanced. In this post, we will discuss about 8+ spying features of cell spy app.

Cell Spy App

Cell Spy App
Cell Spy App

Cell Spy app helps to spy on the cell phone for free. You can take advantage of the spying functions to get all the details about a person. All these functions are available on the control panel. You can choose as many tasks as you like. The function you choose will be displayed on the dashboard. You will get all the information from there.


Spying Features

Here is a list of 8+ spying functions you can use with this app.

Spying Features
Spying Features

Call Tracker

With the call tracker spying function, you can track all the call logs. You can check incoming, outgoing as well as missed calls. All these details are given along with the date, time, and contact information. Apart from call logs, you can also record calls. With the call recording feature, you can record all the calls and listen to these calls on the dashboard. You can save the recorded calls as well. Moreover, you can also use the call restriction feature to block a number on the phone. You can manage the block list from the dashboard.

SMS Tracker

This is the most used spying function. Almost every users need this function to spy on messages. With an SMS tracker, you can track all the text messages. You can check sent/received messages along with date and time. Moreover, you can check the content of the message along with any media attached to it. You can check the contact information of the sender/ receiver. Also, you can even track all the deleted messages.

Location Tracker

The location tracker function is beneficial to track the lost phone or missing phone. It is also used during the kidnapping. With this function, you can follow anybody’s location on the globe. You can track live location as well as check the previous location of the phone. The location displayed on the dashboard will include, address, longitude, latitude, date and time, and Google map location.

Contact Book

We all store our phone contacts in our contact book. The contact book includes contact details of all our friends, relatives, and acquaintances. By using a spying app, you can also check the contact book. By accessing the contact book, you will get all the contact details like name, number, address, email id, contact picture, etc. You can use the contact book function along will call blocking function, to block specific numbers on the phone.

Web Monitoring

With this spying function, you can check the web browsing history of a phone. You can check the details about all the visited sites along with the date and time. Moreover, you can also check the download history along with the name of the app. You can check the most visited sites on the phone or how much time the individual spends on a particular site.

Gallery Monitoring

You can check the phone’s gallery with this spying function. However, you can view all the images and videos on the phone. You can even view the downloaded photos and videos along with screenshots taken.

Social Media

With social media monitoring function, you can spy on different social media apps installed on the phone. You can spy on popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. You can check all the social media messages and chats along with date and time.

Messenger Apps

Apart from monitoring social media apps, you can also monitor messenger apps installed on the phone. You can spy on WhatsApp as well as Viber. Moreover, you can read all the chats and messages. You can check all the photos and videos exchanged using the app.

App Tracker

With this spying function, you can track any app on the phone. You can check the app history. However, you can see when the individual is using the app. You can even control the apps from your end. Moreover, you can use the app blocker feature to block certain apps on the phone.

Device Information

You can also check all the information about the device. Moreover, you will know when the device is working and when it is not. You can check the battery information, network details, and Wi-Fi connectivity. Also, you can even check the status of the device.


These are the 8+ cell spy features you can use. You can use any of these features or a combination of these features to get information.