Can Someone Hack My Phone by Calling Me

Can Someone Hack My Phone by Calling Me

Is It Possible to Hack Someone’s Phone by Calling Me

Is It Possible to Hack Someone's Phone by Calling Me
Is It Possible to Hack Someone’s Phone by Calling Me

Nowadays, smartphones are enough powerful like a computer to perform the effective task. Almost every person has this handy device in their hand. They use them to perform various operations in their daily life without any worry about security. These mobile devices contain a hefty amount of confidential data. There are loads of harmful threats are available on the web so, it is necessary for a smartphone user to keep their device from such threats. If you have doubt on can someone hack into my phone by calling me? You just read this article carefully. Here, we will discuss about possible solution of your question is it possible to hack my phone by calling me?

– Part 1. Can Someone Hack My Phone by Calling Me?
– Part 2. Top 10 Ways to Tell If Your Phone Has Been Hacked and Countermeasures
– Part 3. Common Ways to Protect Your Phone from Being Hacked
– Part 4. How to Hack Someone’s Phone Without Calling Him
– Part 5. [Tips] Can Someone Hack My Phone by Sending Text or Picture

Part 1. Can Someone Hack My Phone by Calling Me?

Part 1. Can Someone Hack My Phone by Calling Me?
Part 1. Can Someone Hack My Phone by Calling Me?

The simple answer to your question”Can Someone Hack My Phone by Calling Me?” is NO. Currently, there is no loophole is found that may lead to hacking your phone by just calling from unknown number because the mobile signals don’t carry any security information including password, pin, and others until the hacker gains the physical access to your mobile device. But, yes it is true that they can access your device location by using just your phone number.

Part 2. Top 10 Ways to Tell If Your Phone Has Been Hacked and Countermeasures

1. The Smart Device Seems Slower

If your mobile device is not giving its optimum performance then, there may be some app working in the background surreptitiously. This application may contain harmful threats that require more processing power to perform its task. If you have doubt that someone is spying on you using illegitimate apps. There are many other reasons behind slow mobile performance may be software update decrease your mobile performance.

2. The Device is Sending or Receiving Strange Text SMS

This is another aspect that will help you to know if your device has been hacked and countermeasures. If you seem something suspicious in messages apps like messages sent or receiving from unknown number then, maybe you are under surveillance. Sometimes, hacked send text messages to you to fetch your mobile credential information. A hacking app can also send a text message to someone without your permission. So, always keep an eye on such suspicious activities.

3. The Application Installs Automatically without Permission

Every device manufacturer installs its own legitimate apps on every specific device model. Sometime, you will find some new apps after a software update. But, if you find some unknown application installed on your device without performing any software update then, be aware. Try to identify the app developer and search on Google to find this application purpose. These tools may breach your device security and capture your credential information in the background.

4. Battery Draining More Swiftly

Most of the monitoring tools work in the background of the target device and record every single activity performed on the target device. These illegitimate applications occupy lots of processing power that leads to battery consumption. If you find variation in your mobile battery graph and battery draining with the fats speed on a normal use then, may be any monitoring tool is installed on your device.

5. The Device Heats Up

These monitoring apps work in the background of the target device and require high processing power to perform its operations. This huge amount of CPU usage generates lots of heat. These monitoring apps heat your device even you are not using or in normal usage. Quickly identify the reason behind mobile phone heating to avoid future problems like credential data loss and many others.

6. The Unexpected Mobile Bill Charges

Digital attackers can do anything with your device. They exploit your device and can make calls to anyone throughout the world. If you see something suspicious on mobile phone bills then, congratulation, your mobile device is hacked. Try to identify the loophole and fix the problem that leads to such problem.

7. High Data Charges on Normal Data Usage

Monitoring application sent the recorded data to the server so its consume loads of mobile ellular data to transfer data from source to destination. A huge amount of data with a fast internet connection is required by monitoring application that works in the background. If your mobile data charges are higher than before then, possibly any illegitimate spying app is installed on your device. You can take proper measures to keep such things away from your device.

8. Application Stop Working

Application crashing is one of the most common issues especially on Android devices. People don’t pay much attention to such problem like application crashing. There are many reasons behind application crashing. Storage space is one of them. Sometimes, your mobile device doesn’t have enough RAM space for other apps to work in the background. This happens when some app especially monitoring apps consumes a hefty amount of RAM. You can fix this issue by uninstalling such apps that work in stealth mode.

9. Noise While on A Call

If you have a question”can someone hack my phone by calling me?” , read this point carefully. In case, there is an unusual sound comes while on a call it could be a sign that someone is being snooped on. Most of the times, some application interferes with the incoming and outgoing connections that lead to such problem. You can go through to your mobile settings and find the running services in the background. If you find something suspicious then, immediately uninstall the app and restarts your mobile device.

10. Slow Shutdown

Basically, the shutdown is the process to terminate all the process safely and power off the device. If you find heavy data is transferring that interfering with shutdown process then, make sure what type of service is doing. Immediately, remove the process from your mobile device to keep your device safe from such harmful threats.

Part 3. Common Ways to Protect Your Phone from Being Hacked

Don’t Tap on Random Popup

These days, the internet is filled with a huge amount of harmful threats that are mainly coded to fetch user personal information. Digital attackers mainly use this type of threats on websites. If you find any popup on the web browser screen while you are browsing then, avoid tapping on it. These are an adware that can cause harm to your privacy. In case, such popup appears on your screen simply leave the web browser window without tapping on such advertisements. If you tap on the popup, it will redirect you to an unknown page that leads to a phishing attack.

Install Antivirus and Anti-spyware Tool

Antivirus is the program that detects harmful programs and kills them in a single shot. These are really helpful to protect your mobile phone from being hacked. Anti-spyware is another tool that keeps away your device from spying tools. You can download these tools from your mobile application store at free of cost. You can install Antivirus and Anti-Spyware tools on your device to make your device protected than ever before.

Apply Screen Lock

Screen lock is the features that you find on almost every mobile phone. This function enables the user to protect the device from unauthorized users. The user has to enter right pattern, pin, or password in order to gain access to the device every time. This is the great way to protect your device from kids, spouse, and other digital attackers.

Download Apps from a Reliable Source

This is one of the most important tips that will help you to keep your device secure from harmful threats. On the web, there are lots of piracy applications available. Most of them contain a harmful set of codes that are mainly developed to fetch confidential information of target user. It is always recommended by cyber experts to download the application from reliable sources such as Google Play Store, App Store, Amazon App store, Apk Mirror, and others.

Update device software

Most of the user, didn’t update their device software regularity and in the result, they will face such problems. If you don’t want to face problems like cyber attacks then, keep your device software with latest security patches.

Part 4. The 100% Working Software to Hack Android and iPhone Data

AppSpy is the tool that you can use if you want to hack into someone else’s phone. As we talked above, the answer of the question – can someone hack my phone by calling me – is NO, but there is a sure way that would allow some other person to get into your phone and spy, track and monitor your every single activity on your mobile phone without calling you. The software is basically designed to be a parental control application. But the area of application has expanded since its release. The main objective of the application is to make the parenting job a little bit easier.

Visit more at https://appspyfree.com/hack-cell-phone/

Why Recommend This Tool to Hack Android and iPhone Data:

– The AppSpy app has an easy to use interface and a dashboard from which you can access all the apps with one tap.
– The app has a live location tracker and can also set Geofences for the target device.
– It can easily hack into the messages, call history, contacts, photos, and videos of the target device.
– The app also provides access to the browsing history of the target device.
– The special Keylogger feature helps to retrace the keys that are pressed in the particular application which is very helpful in hacking other apps and accounts too.

Easy Steps to Hack Someone’s Phone Without Call Him/Her

The step by step guide to using the AppSpy app to hack someone without calling them is given below.

Step 1. Signup and Fill in Information

At first, visit the official website of AppSpy and tap on the Signup button. In the next screen, enter your email id and password to register on the website. Now, enter the details about the target device, i.e. their name, age, and the operating system of their device.

Step 2. Verify Target Phone

Depending on the target device, you will have to carry out some different steps.

I. For Android device: Get a physical access sot the target device and open your email ID, there you will find the confirmation link and a download link of the AppSpy app. Before you install the app enable the unknown sources installation and then finish the installation process. After that launch the app and log in again.

ii. For iOS device: If you chose iOS OS, then you will have to provide the iCloud ID of the target device and also ensure that the iPhone has the back and sync settings enabled. Once you verify the ID, you are all set to hack the iPhone.

Step 3. Start Spying on the Phone

Now, as you have finished the setup, visit the website again and log in to your id and access the dashboard of the AppSpy. In the dashboard, you will see a list of all the apps available on the target device.

Track Your Son’s iPhone

The Keylogger feature is also activated to see which key they press on their respective phone. With Keylogger, you can get the ID and password of all the apps that would help you to get into their account easily. You can track and monitor social media apps, messages, calls, contacts, photos and videos, web history, and much more with AppSpy.

Part 5. [Tips] Can Someone Hack My Phone by Sending Text or Picture

There are many people who regularly search the internet with questions like this. But hacking someone else’s phone by sending a text or simple picture is not really possible yet. Although virus can be sent through the text messages and picture this can disrupt the working of the phone for some time. But the problem can be fixed easily with some simple solutions.

Write in the End

So, if you have doubt”Can someone hack my phone by calling me?” , after you read this article, you must have an answer. Technology has advanced to such an extent that hacking has become easier. Apps like AppSpy parental control app would allow you to hack all the information of the target device without getting detected.


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